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Nagasaki's China town looks really amazing. Also the Megami bridge reminds of the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. You mentioned that Nagaski did alot of trading with foreign countries, what are some of those countries besides the ones you mentioned?
Thank you commented my video. Nagasaki had trading with China, Holland, and Portugal durling Edo period( up to 1867). So, Nagasaki has some specialite what came down from those countries. In those days, Holland and Portugal had large colonial empires, so they traded goods from many places which now are independent countries.

Wow, when I was watching the video I was reminded of one of my favorite cities, San Francisco. Nagasaki looks just like San Francisco, because both cities have a big China Town, and a huge bridge. Also the parks looked like San Francisco's and San Francisco has a lot of hills like Nagasaki. Do you visit China Town often? I really want to visit Nagasaki now. Thank you for showing us your hometown.
Thank you commented my video. I always visit China Town, because that's my school zone ) I didn't know that San Francisco has China Town too. I just know San Francisco through "Full House". Do you know that American drama ? One of my favorite city is N.Y.

I want to visit Nagasaki's Chinatown. I am doing a report on Yokohama's Chinatown. Yes, San Francisco has a big Chinatown, it was the first Chinatown in America. I know Full House, it's funny. I also like New York. What is your favorite city in Japan?

Yokohama's Chinatown is bigger than Nagasaqki's Chinatown. Kyoto is my favorite city. There are many historical buildings and foods are also good. Have a nice holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!

Happy New Year. I can't wait to see you in February. I really want to go to Kyoto, it sounds like a really nice city. I just visited San Francisco's Japantown or Nihonmachi. It was so fun. Are there any Americatowns in Japan?

Wow, the fact there is lots of diversity really makes this place very interesting. Does the amount of cultural diversity in this area make the city stray from traditional Japanese tradition? Or is there a strong sense of Japanese values? The Megami bridge looks really scary, there are rails, right? (=_=);;
Why did you choose to make your major English?
Thank you for showing us your hometown, it looks lovely.
-Bryan <(-^_^-)> <3!!!

Thank you commented my video. In the culture, I think Chinese culture is strong sence. Because, Nagasaki celebrate Chinese old new years day, every year. In those term Nagasaki held Lantern Festival. Of course! Megami bridge, there are rails(☆^u ’) When walking bridge, we can see under the bridge through a small window which is buried in pavement that little scary. I like to watching movies sinse my childfood. So I ilike to hrearing English. What are you major in?

(@@) There are windows on the bridge so you can see the bottom!? Thats so scary, but I get you get a great view of the sea. Oh, even though you are Japanese, do you participate in the Chinese New year fastivities, activities, rituals, and so forth? What is the Lantern Festival? I'm still in high school, and I haven't really decided on a major yet, but I do have a dream. I want to study art and become a famous mangaka, I've been practicingdrawing since I was a kid. Do you have a dream?
-Bryan <(@X)><3

In Lantern Festival, Chinatown is decorated with many Lanterns. I didn't participate in that, but I go to see to lanterns. You have a good dream. If you go on practicing drawing, and study art, dreams come true! I haven't decide my dream yet... But I am interested in becoming ground hostess for an airline. this last class before the holiday. Merry Christmas and Happy new Year!