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YES!!! Of coarse I liked watching your video. You live in a very quaint area, and I respect that. The fact that you mentioned the bridge shows that really appreciate the place you live in. The shrine looks very lovely, are there festivals there at night or in the daytime? There was a wall with lots of little pieces of wood on it, what was that? Also 1:12 was cute.
Thank you very much for this enjoyable video <3!

You have a good question, on those pieces of wood are written wishes of people to come true. They are called votive tablets. Festival in this shirine takes place in the daytime. The shows are awesome, if you watch them live!. 1:12 sculpture is called "Ebisu", he has 6 companions. He is one of the gods in Japan. I have questions about you and your living area. Can you ride on the surf boad? I've never ride on it, so I wanna do that if I have an opportunity. And what are your favorite or reccomend places in California. When I watched the drama "The OC", hope I can visit there. I envy you.

I've tried riding a surfboard, to no avail; I fell after about 10 seconds. Contrary to popular belief, not all Californians can surf, I'm sorry to say. Although, if you do ever get the chance to get on a surfboard, I say "Go for it". I very much enjoy Los Angeles, Disney land is there. Have you ever been there? The last time I went to Disney Land I saw many Japanese people, I wanted to talk to them, but I can't speak Japanese very well. The city of Monterey is very nice as well, if you go there, make sure you see the aquarium, it is very lovely. "The OC" was a good show, it really shows off Cali. You envy me? I envy you! Japan looks like a wonderful peaceful place, i would switch with you any day. Where are your favorite places in Japan?

Hi Asami,

What a nice video! It was fun to see the meganebashi and hear about okunchi. When I lived in Nagasaki (18 years ago!) I attended the okunchi festival and I especially remember the dragon dance. What a wonderful experience! That was also the first time I tried yaki tako. Oishii.

I think it is interesting that bridges are powerful symbols to us. Here in our area, the Golden Gate Bridge is a symbol of this part of California. In some ways, this wiki project is a bridge between us and all of you in Nagasaki, desu ne?


Hello, Rushton

You lived in Nagasaki?! How long had you been in Nagasaki? It's amazing!! Moreover, you attended the dragon dance is awesome. My high school teacher, Richard attended the dragon ship this year. I think Okunchi performers are pretty cool and the most powerful. Many girls to women crazy for them every year. And I love tako yaki, too. Can you speak Japanese? It's great things because people say Japanese is difficult. I think so.

Yeah!! I'm glad to keep in touch with you. I want to visit California. Nagasaki has the latesy bridege since 2005, it called Vinus Bridge. Color is white and it lights up illumination at night. That's so beautiful. Hope this wiki project works well as good relationship between two countries.

I lived in Nagasaki-ken from August of 1989 to August of 1990. It was a wonderful time, and I made many friends in Fukue-shi, where I helped teach English in junior high and high schools.

My first experience learning Japanese was at Kansai Gaidai near Osaka in 1987, and after I graduated from college in the United States, I returned on the JET program - that's when I moved to Goto. I learned lots of Japanese that year, and now I teach the language to my students here in California. It's so much fun to help students here learn about so different a language.

Thanks again for taking part in this exchange! I hope to see you in February.
- Rushton

I'm looking forward to seeing you and your students in February!! I do want to know and see pictures of Califournia area. If I can introduce my home town, I make sure do that. And I have stayed Indiana state for 18 days in last March. My friends and I went to the university of Evansville. Host family was prety kind and interesting. Staying another country is nice experience, I think. I want to visit there again.
- Asami