Dormitory Life

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Nice english :) More advanced than my japanese at least haha
Those pictures of food makes me hungry o3o
I actually would like to study in japan one day
If I Have enough money that is
But I'm still in high school So i'm not sure how dormitories are like here
but the ones over there seem nice and relaxing.
Looks like a lot of fun (^A^)

Thank you for replying. I'm glad to appreciate my pronunciation. I am also hungry now, so I want to eat some food. Recently, it is so cold that we eat stew or pot-au-feu ( of course, japanese style ). I also want to know your country's food!! Please tell me them.

I like your video, especially the pictures of the areas at your university.
It looks like a nice campus to stay in. :)
Just wondering: does your university have Japanese style areas and western style areas?
Anyways, I'm still in high school, so I don't know took much about dormitory life around here,
but my bother goes to college at Cal Poly University and the dormitories there are a lot smaller than the ones
shown in this video.

Thank you for replying. Definitely, my college is mixed Japanese and Western style. My college outstanding feature is red roofs. I want to see your country's college dormitory!! On a different topic, I think you have clubs in high school. Do you belong to any club?

Yes, I belong to the CSF, MBR, and J-tech club. The CSF ("California Scholarship Foundation") club does various activities like community service, helping serve lunches at the school cafeteria, and at the end of the year, a trip to the beach. Also, tbeing in the CSF club can get you a college scholarship if you're in it for long enough. In the MBR ("monte bello ridge") club, we do various outdoors activities, like taking hikes, going cayaking, and somtimes skiing in the winter. Lastly, the J-tech club is an informal club my Japanese teacher organized that works with technology related things.

Three clubs!!! Wow!! They look very interesting:) I envy your clubs. They are really attractive!! Especially, I am interested in the CSF club. I really want to act outside. It looks the most interesting all of them. Finally, you tripped?? Where did you go? Wow, that's great! By the way, how often do you go to the CSF? How many people does the CSF belong to? I want to know about the CSF. Tell me about it!!
The MBR club sounds hard. You must be strong, I think. Are there any mountain or river? It sounds fun!! It is charming, beautiful youth:) I have never gone skiing, so I want to do it some day.

I agree, your English is very good; You spoke clearly.
I've been to a few dorms since my brother is a college student. Just culturally, Japanese people are far more neat. College students here are famous for being slobs. Otherwise, the rooms would look about the same; two beds, closet space, etc.
Your building looks much taller than most dorms here, but I can't speak for all colleges.
There seems to be a couple of pianos around, and being a piano-player myself, I wonder: what kind of art majors do you have at Kwassui?

Thank you for replying. I'm happy to appreciate my pronunciation. My building is tall...exactly, I think so. Our dorm has 10 floors!! ( room is 2 to 9 ) Kwassui offers majors in English, Japanese Language, Japanese Literature, Human Relations (=Counseling), Nutrition, Music, Child Education, Design, and from April 2009, Nursing. Besides the pianos in the dorm, there are many pianos and other instruments in the music department building. How long have you been playing the piano?

To Joshua, Steven and Rory
Thank you for your comments. Happy Holidays!