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Mizube no Mori Park, Nagasaki

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That was a fantastic video. You must be really lucky to be able to see all those dogs, I love dogs. Also, the view from the park to city and the bridge was beautiful, all the lights just blended with the water to become a beautiful sight. I would love to live in Nagasaki. Is there a really diverse community in Nagasaki? Is that why you major in English?
-Bryan <(@_X)> <3

Thank you for your message! Mizube no mori park is my favorite place that I have ever seen!
Of cause, you can see many dogs. It is very exciting! And if you want to play something, you can do it!
Because, I like speaking English and talking with many friends. And I want to talk with foreign people who can not speak Japanese.

Do you plan on teaching English? Or maybe you want to teach in the United States? I, myself have always wanted to be a mangaka. Thats why I want to minor in Japanese, so i can communicate with any Japanese publisher that comes my way. NNNNNN *


*.... Dogs. Do you have a dog? I used to have one, but we had to give him away. :(

I will not teach English. But I want to teach Japanese for foreigners in the future.So I take many lessons for taking license for it.
Oh! I know Japanese manga is very popular in other countries. Do you know Hayao Miyazaki? His movies are fantastic!
I stay alone now so I can not have a dog. And my parent's home does not have dog too. What kind of dog did you have?
Why did you have to give him away?
Anyway, today is last lesson this year. And we will have a winter vacation.
Have a nice holiday!!


Wow, mizube no mori park sounds like a very beautiful place. You are very lucky to live so close to your favorite place. What does Mizube mean? Mori means forest right? Do many people swim in the waters at the beach? I liked your video very much. The different shapes effects between the slides were very neat. I hope I can visit your favorite place someday. :)


Thank you for your messege! Yes, it takes for 10 minutes from my house. It is very beautifil but we can not swim
because it is near the port. So sea is very deep and a little dirty to swim around there.
Anyway, Mizube means "near the sea." Mori means "forest" so you are right!
Yeah! you should visit someday!! it is very very beautiful!


Hi Terumi. Today is last lesson this year. And we will have a wintrer vacation.
Have a nice holiday!