Famous Places in Nagasaki

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Hi Mari!
The first part of your video made me laugh because I actually got to go with Hurley Sensei and some other students to your college earlier this year. I know what you mean about the hills! Are you in good shape now from walking up and down them all the time? :]
Also, is the cathedral still in use today, or is it just a tourist place? It's neat how there's even a church in Japan; normally I don't think about Japanese people being Christians. I thought most people practice Buddhism or Shintoism. Is that true?


Dear Riana
Thank you for comments. I was glad to know you had seen it this year ! Still now I was tired to walk through the steep road, I am gradually used to . And Oura Cathedral opens everyone. When Sightseeing Festival is held, children sing songs at there. People enjoy their songs. Nagasaki has many churches, more than 100 churches. After the opening of Japan to the world, Christians spread and many churches were bulit in Nagasaki. Although there are few Christians in Japan, Nagasaki has more christians rate than other prefectures. It is true that most people practice Buddhism or Shintoism.

Hi again, Mari!
That's lucky you're used to going up and down the hills; I'm jealous. :D How long have you been at Kwassui? The Sightseeing Festival sounds interesting, what is it? Have you ever attended it? Thanks for letting me know about the Christians in Japan, that's cool how Nagasaki is diverse in a religious sense. :]

Dear Riana
I have been at Kwassui for five years. I had been at Kwassui high school for three years and then for two years, I have been at Kwassui Women's College. When I was in a high school, I belonged to hand bell club and tennis club. And then when I was a first grade in College, I belonged to calligraphy club. They were a lot of fun ! I enjoyed them with my friends. Do you join in any club at school or do you have any hobbies ? The Sightseeing Festival sounds like a funny event, because someone sing songs and play the musical instruments and so on. I found that the Sightseeing Festival was held near Kwassui in this year. However, I haven't attended this event yet. Someday, I want to attend it !

Hi Mari,
What's your hand bell club about? It sounds interesting and I don't think we have anything like it here. Do you like tennis a lot? I don't have enough coordination to play it; I'd get hit in the face! Were you in the calligraphy club with Maki? I'm also part of the Japanese club with Terumi, and I also play sports like track and field, as well as cross country. I like running a lot. :] Is the Sightseeing Festival coming up soon? I hope you get to enjoy it. Thanks for talking to me, it was nice to get to know you!

Hi Mari. Wow! That is a lot of slopes!!! Do people ride bicycles up and down those roads? It looks dangerous for someone riding a bicycle going downhill. The buildings you showed us were very beautiful. Is the architecture of other buildings in Nagasaki influenced by the western style of buildings in Grover Garden?
-Terumi S.

Dear Terumi S.
Thank you for comments. I agree with your opinion. It is dangerous to ride a bicycle up and down. I have not ever seen people who ride it the hills. Nagasaki has many styles of architecture. They are Japanese traditional architecture technique and Asian style.

Hi Mari!
I would like to visit Nagasaki one day to see all the famous places you showed us. I was reading the other comments and saw your question about school clubs. At our high school, we have a lot of cultural clubs like Chinese, French, and Japanese clubs. Riana and I are the presidents of Japanese Club. Most of our members are not Japanese, but are studying Japanese or are interested in Japanese culture through music, anime, or dramas. We have social events and movie nights, and in March we perform in the Multicultural Assembly for the school. Last year we did an Urashima Taro skit. This year we are thinking about doing a soran bushi. Do you have events like this at Kwassui College?

Dear Terumi
Your school club activities sound very interesting ! Do you think what is interesting about Japanese culture? At our school, there are culture clubs such as YWCA , ETS, the workshop of Japanese. As far as I know, YWCA practice reading the BIble and learining Christianity. At ETS, club members communicate with each other in English. I like soran bushi. I watched someone was dancing it, but I had never do it. So, I want to try it someday ! This year,Kwassui College had school festival and music concert. Both of them were very exciting ! Next year, I want to attend it again !

Hello again!I got interested in Japanese club during my first year of high school because my friend's older sister was in the club. The club is was more like a social event where people can have fun together playing games and other things. I think Japanese culture is interesting because it has a lot of traditions that American culture doesn't have. I have never done the soran bushi before too, but this year we have an exchange student from Japan and she offered to teach us how to do it. All in all, it was really fun to talk to you. Thank you once again for the lovely video that you made.

Hello Mari!
I loved your video! Like Riana said, the beginning as so funny! I went to Nagasaki last spring and I visited Kwassui Womens college and those hills are definitely steep! You must get a lot of exercise having to climb up those slopes every day. Glover garden was beautiful and I'm glad you gave such great information about it! I went there too and my favorite place was the koi pond. What was your favorite spot in Glover garden?

Thanks for making such a great video!
Shahriyar Reza

Dear Shahriyar Reza
Thank you for comments. I'm glad you had gone both of the Dutch Slopes and Glover garden ! I always walk the Dutch Slopes. It makes me very tired but it is a good exercise for me. Glover garden is also my favorite place. I like the koi pond in Glover garden, too. I can be relaxed to see it !

Hello, Mari!
Your video was really informative. I really liked it! I had no idea that Nagasaki had such beautiful gardens and buildings. Are places like that common in Nagasaki, or is it just around the college?
-Taylor vK.

Dear Taylor vK.
Thank you for comments. I'm glad to know you like gardens and buildings in Nagasaki. Not only around the college but also there are famous buildings such as churches, temples and so on.