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Nagasaki City

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It sounds like Nagasaki City's China town has a lot of historical and cultural background, I think that's pretty neat. There is a China town in San Fransisco, California, about two hours or so from where I live. It's a very big place packed with Chinese culture, but also you can find specks of other cultures there as well. San Fransisco doesn't have any ship festivals, but it is a city by the sea where you can see several boats and marine life. =) Thank you for sharing such interesting places.

Thank you for your comment!
I knew America has china towns.But,I did not know there is a china town in San Francisco,California.There is other china town in Yokohama,Japan.It is located near Tokyo.Tokyo is Japanese capital.That china town is the biggest in Japan you can find a lot of chinese restaurants,general shops and souvenir shops there.How is the china town in San Francisco?Nagasaki's china town has special food.For example,"chanpon","kakuni manju",and "sara-udon"."chanpon" is Nagasaki's home cuisine.It is basis of chinese food.It is noodle that has many ingredient."kakuni-manju" is manju that has pork in manju.It is so delicious for me.I recommend it!"sara-udon" is noodle.But the food is fry thin noodle.So,the noodle is so crisp.These food are mixture of Japnese and chinese cuisine.Has the food in chinese restaurant in San Francisco been influenced by other cuisines?

Kayo, I would have to that the chinese food in SF's chinatown has indeed be influence by other cultures and their cuisines. You can find several bakeries and in many of them you can see chinese and foreign versions of different kinds of bakery goods. San Fransisco is an incredibly diverse place, you can find several twists to cultural foods that have adapted to this fact. Oh, and By the way, the sara-udon sound really yummy. =)

Hello,Claire.Thank you for tell me about San Francisco's China town.The bakeries sound so nice.If I go to San Francisco,I want to eat it.

Hi Kayo. It was very interesting to watch your video. I learned many new things about Nagasaki. I didn't know that they had a Chinatown there. I live about 45 minutes away from San Francisco and there is a Chinatown there. It was interesting because the pictures of Nagasaki's Chinatown looked so similar to San Francisco's Chinatown. Do many Chinese people live around the area?
Nagasaki's sailboat festival sounds very fun. What is it called in Japanese? Does the festival have any sailboat races?

Thank you for sharing your video with us!

Hi Terumi.There are about ten thousands Chinese nationals in Nagasaki.But,there are also Japanese people of Chinese heritage I don't know many. But,my high school had many students of chinese heritage. Nagasaki's sailboat festival is called"Hansen-Matsuri".The festival doesn't have any sailboat races.Beautiful ships just visit Nagasaki.Your idea is so nice!If the festival has races,I can get fun.Are you a Japanese?There are women whose name is terumi in Japan.My major in college is English.So,I want to study in America.Thank you for your answer.


Dear Claire and Terumi
My college is going to have winter vacation soon.I can't see you until February. Have a happy holiday!!!