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Excellent video! There are not a lot of parks in the middle of cities where I am from.
I am also curious about your attending middle school for 2 years,
in America it is 3 years.
Thank you for your comment. Even in Japan, parks in the middle in the city are not common. Kagoshima is special in that respect. In Japan, we attend elementary school for 6 years, middle school for 3 years, and high school for 3 years. By the way, in which grade are you?

I am in the 11th grade, or the 3rd year of high school. I go to school at Wilcox High School, in Santa Clara, California. What are some other types of things you do in your free time?

I usually watch DVD at my house, go shopping with my friends or have a part time job. I love shopping so much, so I sometimes go to Tokyo or Fukuoka to buy new clothes. Have you ever been to Tokyo? -Kazuko

This this a nice slideshow. The parks are very clean, calm, and serene. What other popular foods are there at your hometown? Is Kagoshima considered a large city?

Thank you for your comment. There are other popular foods at my hometown. For example,Satsumaage (fried fish paste) , Satsumaimo (potatoes) and kurobuta (pork). Kagoshima has about half a million people. How many people does your hometown have?

I was born in Hong Kong, China. I moved to the United States in 2002. Hong Kong has a estimate population of 7 Million people, and the town I'm living in now(Santa Clara, USA), has around 1 Million people.

Wow!!!!! Is Santa Clara near Los Angeles? Have you ever been to Hollywood? Have you ever met film stars like Brad Pitt? I like him very much!

Your hometown looks like such a nice place to live. Can you tell me a little more about the shopping districts? What kind of stores are there? The park looks very clean and pretty. It sounds very fun at night when people play music in the park. Do you often go at night to listen to music?

There is Amyu Plaza next to Kagoshima Station, I think it is the most biggest shopping mall in Kagoshima city. There are many kinds of shops in it. For example, Women's, Men's and Kid's clothes, general things, books, CDs and so on. Now, I live in Nagasaki, so I have not been the park since I left Kagoshima. Maybe It is very cold at night, so there are not many people around at that time.

Dear Brian and Hiu,
This is the last class before the winter break. I enjoyed answering your questions. Have a nice holiday!