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My teacher, Rushton Hurley, showed us your video of Togitsu in class. I think what interested me the most was that giant rock on the cliff that just won't fall down. Japan is well known for its earthquakes, correct? So this rock has stood even against the earthquakes? Wow!

Thank you for your comment, Clifford. I'm very sorry to answer late.
As you mentioned, Japan has earthquakes sometimes, but few in Nagasaki. However, I think that it is amazing that the rock has been standing for hundres years.
Do you have a rock like that in California?
- Mai

I am really impressed by the history of Togitsu. It must be so cool growing up in a place where so many important historical events took place. It's even cooler how that inn from the edo period is still around. Is it like a museum now or is it still functional? Can people rent it out for the night? I love manjuu. You are so lucky to be able to eat the fresh ones. I always have to eat the old, preserved ones from the grocery store, and they're expensive too. How much do the ones in your hometown cost?
- Vi

Thank you for your questions. I'll answer them. The inn is functional even now in Togitsu, and actually a family has lived there. I also would like to stay there for a while, but I can not.
I am happy to hear that you like manjuu, and I am sure you love them made in Togitsu. You can pay only 80 yen to buy them. Isn't it very cheap?
- Mai

Wow, I have to agree with Vi that the history of Togitsu is really awesome. You make Togitsu sound like a large town because of all the history connected to it. Does it have a small town atmosphere, or is it more like a big city? Do they teach you about that sort of stuff (the Christian persecution, the inn from the Edo Period, the stone that rotted the mackerel) in school, or is it local wisdom that gets passed around?
- Riana

Hi, Riana. I'm happy to get your comments.
My home town is not like a big city, but has many historical things to see and visit. So, I think it is easy for you to visit all of them even you have a short stay here in Togitsu.
Isn't it cool?
Actually, I don't study about my hometown in school, but I search for them on the internet, visit some places by myself, and ask someone living in Togitsu for a long time. I think it is more interesting for me to study by myself, not to be taught by my teacher. Don't you think so, Riana?
- Mai

Hi Mai,
You're so fortunate to live in a place that has that much history associated with it! You're right, it is more rewarding to research things yourself. It's really impressive that you take the time to find out about these things by yourself. Are you interested in history in general, or are you more interested in the history of Togitsu because you live(d) there?
- Riana

I am Mai's teacher. She is abroad for a conference, but she was looking forward to this discussion and will be happy to answer your questions when she is back next week. Sergio Mazzarelli

I am looking forward to her responses. Just curious, where was this conference, and what was it for? I've never been able to go "abroad." Sounds like fun.

I just came back to Japan last night, 12 a.m. I went to Philippines to attend a conference for women in Asia, and I had a wondeful time there. There were about 30 people frome different parts of Asia. For example, from India, Pakistan, China, and Korea. We discussed the problem of women's education, gender issues, and commonalities and differences between the countries. It was a meaningful time for me to think about them globally, and I was excited to have been there.
You said you never been to foreign countries, but where do you want to go?
- Mai

I mainly would like to go to Japan =D. But other places such as London, Paris, Spain, Portugal, and other places that have a feel of romance intrigue me as well.

And in California, I've never heard of a rock such as that, but who knows? There are many things about the World that we don't know about. I think that it makes living more interesting and adventurous.

Hi, Clifford. Thank you for your comment!
I'm very happy that you want to visit Japan! Japan has many historical things and delicious food, so I hope you would like it:D. I'd like to go to Spain, because now I'm taking a Spanish class, and I want to communicate with people and try my ability of speaking in Spanish! I want to go there if I earned a lot of money.
I thought that you had such an old rock in America. Maybe you would be very surprised when you see the rock in Togitsu, because it is very big, and you can feel how long a time has passed.
- Mai

Wow that conference sounds very impressive. How did you get involved in it? How did all those women from countries with different languages talk to each other? Did everything have to go through a translator?
- Vi Vo

Hi, Vi Vo! Thank you for your comment:D As you know, the conference was very good! I learned many things there. For example, I learned about education, gender problems, and society of the countries. The first day, I could hardly catch what they said, because they had a strong accent, but I tried to communicate with many people as much as I could, so I could get used to understanding what they meant until the last day! Actually, there were no translators. I miss all the participants, and I would like to go and see them again!!
Thanks to my English professors' recommendations, I could go to Philippines and had a wonderful time there. I thank them!!!
- Mai

For everyone,
Today is the last lesson in this semester. I feel very glad to exchange our messages on the internet! I hope you would like to visit Japan, and have a good time:-).
Have a nice holiday, and I wish you a happy new year!
- Mai