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Hi Miho,

What a beautiful area! I would love to see the flowers blooming on the sides of the river near the bridges - I'm sure that is very nice. Before you entered college, what did you and your high school friends enjoy doing in Hario when you had free time?

Take care,
Hi Rushton,

Thank you very much answering me.I'm happy bacause I gave a reply from California! It's international. The cherry blossoms blooming on the sides of the river near the bridges in every spring are very beautiful so we can enjoy cherry blossoms viewing (hanami). I and my high school mates used to play sleds on grass slope in a park near the bridge when we had free time.
Have you ever played sleds on grass slope?

That sounds like a lot of fun! I have never done that, but in central Texas (my home before I moved to California) there are many hills and rivers. Each summer groups of people would get together and go to the rivers to go 'tubing'. That's when you take the inner tube of a tire and sit in it as you float down the river. It's very relaxing! People would bring food and drinks and put them in containers that could float. It's like having a picnic on the river! Because it gets quite hot there, it was especially nice to be on the rivers, which are cooler.


Hello, I had heard `tubing` for the first time and I'd like it very much! The tubing sounds like relaxing and exciting . I want to have picnics with doing hanami on Japanese
style in spring and doing tubing on American, Texas style in summer!!


Hi again! I hope you get the chance to visit Texas someday. There are places in the United States that Japanese people visit often, and others that Japanese people rarely visit. One very special place that few Japanese know about is San Antonio, in Texas, which has a wonderful area called the River Walk. It's a little like Venice, with boats on the river and shops and restaurants along the way. You can see some pictures at: http://www.thesanantonioriverwalk.com/photos/index.asp

Thanks again for taking part in this exchange! I hope to see you in February.
- Rushton


Hi! I wish I can visit Texas someday because San Antonio can enjoy River Walk.The pictures of River Walk are wonderful!
It's surely a little like Venice isn't it? I think that many Japanese visit there.

Thank you very much for joining this excjange! I hope to see you in February too!.

Hario looks amazing! Those were some really cool looking pictures you showed, especially the part about being able to see the whirlpools and flowers by the bridges. Do the transmission towers that were built in Hario by the Japanese Navy mean that it is close to the ocean?

- Riana

Hi Riana,

Thank you very much for your reply. I was glad when I got your reply! The whirpools and flowers by the bridges are cool, we can go there to escape the heat in summer. The transmisson towers are close to the ocean about a kirometers.We can go the towers with promenade from the bridges. Are
there anything towers in Santa Clara?


It must've been really nice to live so close to the ocean. Did you go to the beach a lot? I suppose there's really nothing here that would be considered a tower. Santa Clara is a pretty small city compared to the other ones around it like San Jose or San Francisco, which is about an hour north of here. In San Francisco, there's a bunch of sky scrapers, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge to see. Would that count? :]
- Riana


I went to the beach to watch the flow of water when I was tired. I could refresh and cheer up myself then. When did you go to beaches? What were you doing there? Can you answer the questions?
And, I think a bunch of sky scrapers which can see the Golden Gate Bridge can count as a tower ! I've ever heard about the name of Golden Gate Bridge but I don't know about the Bridge in detail. Would you mind teaching me about the Bridge?


The beach is a rather relaxing place. My grandparents live just a few minutes away from the ocean, so at night when it's stormy, you can hear the waves crashing on the beach. It's a little scary, but during the daytime, it's very pretty. I go with my cousins when we visit my grandparents, and we usually try to build a huge sandcastle. We have yet to succeed in making one that doesn't get washed away by the ocean. :] Have you ever tried to do that with your friends?
The Golden Gate Bridge is basically a huge suspension bridge. I have to admit that I don't know much about it in detail, but it's possibly the most famous tourist attraction in California (other than Disneyland, which is down south in Los Angeles). It definitely doesn't have as nice of scenery as your bridges do, since it's mainly used as a means for people to commute to work. In your video you mentioned whirlpools under the bridge. What does that mean exactly?
- Riana


Hi! I have tried to build a sandcastle with my friends when I was a elementary student. It's pleaasant for us to make it. We enjoyed we are not only making sandcastle but also burying our bodys for fun with sand!! Burying bodys can enjoy us as same as making sandcastle.
Thank you for teaching me about the Golden Bridge.I could understand it very much.
We can see whirpools under the bridge through storong glasses on the bridge exactly! It's spectacular.
Thank you very much for joining this exchange with me. I'm looking forward to see you in February!