Miyuki's Slideshow
Glover Garden
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I liked how you tied in Nagasaki's history about foreign affairs with the slopes and mountains in your slideshow. Because you talked about the garden's tennis courts, I wonder if you play tennis. Have you met someone who has had their love aspirations come true after finding the heart stone?

Sorry, Miyuki was absent on December 3. She will answer your question as soon as possible. Sergio Mazzarelli.

Hi! Anthony. Thank you for your comment, and sorry to answer very late. Because I caught a cold last week.
I don't play tennis but I play basketball. Do you play basketball? None of my friends' love came true after they found the heart stone. But some believe (or want to believe) the power of the heart stone. Are there any beliefs like that in your country?

For Anthony
Today's the last lesson this year. Have a happy holiday and may the new year bring you happiness!!