My Life in Australia

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Hi Yayoi!
Wow! That was an amazing video! All the pictures you took of Australia were fantastic - especially the one of Sidney at night. The Kangaroo was just so cute! I love animals. Oh, and I must say, your English is very good. I've always wanted to go to Australia - maybe when I'm older! Have you ever been to any other foreign countries?


Hi, Ferheen,
Thank you for your message.Yeah, kangaroo was so cute.
I've never been to any other countries:( The trip to Australia was the my first experience overseas.
How about you? Have you ever been overseas?
I really want to go to U.S!


Joshua here!
I must agree with Ferheen here, nice English! Lot's of cool and wonderous pictures. What this video reminded me of was a movie known as Sekachu. Have you ever heard of it? It's a romance movie and a place where the two lovers wanted to go was Australia's Ayers Rock claiming it was "The center of the world" How long have you stayed there?

Hi, Joshua
Thank you for your message.
I know Sekechu. I love it. It's the one of my favorite movies.
I kept singing a song of the movie when I was around Ayers Rock.
My friends and I joined a tour and stayed around Ayers Rock for two days.
Oh, BTW Sekachu has TV drama version. Have you ever watched it?


Hi Yayoi.
I agree with Ferheen and Joshua. I liked the beautiful pictures you took. I want to go to Australia and to be able to come that close to a kangaroo. Did you get to see any koalas?

Hi, Teresa

Thank you for your message.
Yes, I saw koalas ,but not as often as kangaroos . Actually I could see kangaroos around my domitory everyday. They were cute, but not friendly. When I tried to get closer to them, they always ran away:( Maybe dont get used to people. Kagaroos in zoos were friendly, though.
When I saw koalas in a zoo, they hardly moved. I wish I could have seen moving koalas, haha
Do you have any pets in your house?


Hi again!
Thank you for replying. My friend went to Australia and she got to hold a koala, and it pooped on her shoe!
Moving koalas! Hahah! They seem the type of animals to move slowly, like sloths.
So the kangaroos roam freely? since you see them around your dormitory, i assumed.
I don't have any pets, unfortunately. My mom doesn't like them, such as cats and dogs. I really want a dog, though. A husky. I think when I move out, I'll own one. Do you have any pets at home? Since you probably can't own any in the dormitory. If you don't, would you want to own one, and what would it be?
Thanks again!

Hi, Teresa
Oh, your friend was pooped by a koala!? That's funny!
Yeah the kongaroos were always roaming freely around the domitory.
Actually I live in an apartment by myself now, so I don't live in a domitory. Some live in a domitory, but some live in an apartment by themselves. Those whose hometowns are far from a college live in domitories or apartments. In my apartment, I can't have any pets. But I do have a dog at home in my hometown. It's a pug. Do you know pug? It is a little bit ugly but really cute. I love it.
What kind of dogs are popular in the U.S? The most popular dogs in Japan are the golden retriever , the Chihuahua and the dachshund.


Hello again,
That's interesting how kangaroos live in apartments. I have never heard of animals living in apartments by themselves. What's it like for them? Yes, I know about pugs, and they do seem a bit ugly yet cute sometimes. haha. I'm not sure, but I think the most popular dogs, the ones I see the most around, are the labrador retrievers, poodles, pomeranians, and yorkshire terriers. I like all of those but probably not poodles. My neighbor has a chihuahua and it barks a lot. There's even a chihuahua movie in America, about talking chihuahuas, which is pretty weird but it's a movie for kids.
Do you have any hobbies, or what do you like to do on your free time?

Hi, Teresa
Sorry that I confused you. I meant that 'some STUDENTS live in a domitory, but some STUDENTS live in apartments by themselves', kangaroos don't have their apartments, haha.
I like watching music videos and sports on YouTube or DailyMotion in my freetime. I usually watch figure skate competitions. Mao Asada is the most famous figure skater in Japan. And I like watching Rihanna's music videos. She is one of my favorite singers.
It was nice to talk you:)
Happy holidays!


Oh. it was my fault that I got confused because I probably misread it. XD haha.
I haven't watched figure skating for a long time. The only ones I remember (from America) is Michelle Kwan and Kristie Yamaguchi. I like Rihanna too. Do you know Alicia Keys? She is one of my favorites. It was nice talking to you too :D. Please feel free to email me at: to talk about anything. :] Happy Holidays to you too!

i again, Yayoi!
I love animals! Do you?
I actually have been to both Canada and Bahrain (which is a small island about 50 miles east from Saudi Arabia) I went with my Japanese teacher, Mr. Hurley, another student and my dad! It was so much fun! If you want, I can tell you about it in detail :]
You should come to the US!! And then you can meet all of us! Make sure to come visit Wilcox Highschool if you do visit!


Hi, Ferheen
I love animals. They are very cute, some are a bit dangerous, though.
You've been to two countries? Of course, I often hear about Canada, But I don't hear that much about Bahrain. I'm really intereseted in your trip to the country. How was it? I' would like to visit the U.S and then Wilcox Highschoool;)