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I really like the facts about your library, since I like to read a lot. You mentioned a lot of different books, like English and Cooking and other ones. I was wondering what kind of books you personally like to read.

Thank you for your comment. I often read mystery novel. Especially I like the book "Gravity Pierrot" written by Kotaro Isaka. I like all his books. What novels do you like?

I looked up "Gravity Pierrot" by Kotaro Isaka on the internet, and it seems like a very interesting book! I think I'd like to read it. Is it written in English or Japanese, or both? I read all kinds of novels, but mostly fiction/fantasy novels, (an example would be the Harry Potter series), as well as many books that are part of a series. I really like a new series I am reading called "The Keys to the Kingdom" by Garth Nix. He is a very good writer, and I enjoy his books very much. Thank you for replying to my comment!

It is writen in Japanese only...It's a pity that it's not written in English. I wanted you to read this book. Usually I don't read book written by English writers. But I want to read "The Keys to the Kingdom" by Garth Nix. I think I'll look for this book. I'm happy you recommend book! Thank you.

That was a very descriptive video, and you really explained the general layout of the college. It looks like a very good college to go to, and I liked how you showed that. I was also curious about how large the campus was.

Thank you for watching. My college is not so big compared to other colleges. I'm sorry I don't know how large the site is. But there are five buildings, gym, and quadrangle in my college. How large is your school?

I'm in High School so it's not that big of a campus. It has a Gym, a quad, and a library too, but i've seen bigger schools. I still like my school though, and your school looks very enjoyble as well. Thank you for your reply!

I'm very enjoyable my college. I like small school because I feel close between teachers to students. One more reason, I don't have no sense of direction! I also like other big schools. I want to see your school very much!

Your college looks amazing, there must be so much history behind it, like the slope. Do you enjoy studying English? I have a lot of trouble learning Japanese, but I enjoy doing it.

I enjoy studying English. I also think Japanese is very difficult surely. Try hard!

I thought your video was very educational, and I enjoyed watching it. I like the Harry Potter series too. What other kinds of movies do you watch? Where do you usually watch them?

I like watching horror movies. I'm shocked the movie the series of SAW! I usually watching movie in my house with my friend.

Dear Kayleigh, Ryan, Brian, and Anthony. This is the last class before the vacation. Happy holiday!