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Nagasaki seems like such a beautiful city! I love how the city is surrounded by mountains and the ocean, and the trees are so green. I also like how nice flowers are planted at Waterside Mountain Park. What kind of street performers are at the park? Also what do people sell at the flea market? In my city, the flea market sells very small ornamental things, like children's toys, decorations, etc. The Goddess Bridge is also very nice! How did the bridge get its name? The Botanical Gardens looks very beautiful, and I thought it was funny how their were dinosaur bones in it. I did not know that Nagasaki had hot springs too! It looks very fun and interesting, since there are no hot springs like that where I live. I saw the temples, and the furnishings were very lovely. What kinds of special events are held at the temples? The chain store where you work at looks like a lot of fun. I love sports, and I am co-captain of the tennis team at school. I have never heard of the game called, "Footsall." It is really quite unique! Thank you for sharing your video with me =)

Thanks for your comment!
There are street performers who make some balloon arts, play some musical instruments and a clown does grotesque gestures. At the flea market, they sell used clothing or new one. You can sometimes find good things on the cheep and discount. The Goddess bridge, the Goddess was the name of a town which is located other side of the bridge, so I think that the name of the bridge takes its origin from the name of the town. Some Japanese people go to temples to ring the temple bell toll on New Year's Eve and when we perform the last offices, we go to the temples. I would like to know your city which you live too:) Futsal is a relatively minor sport.You can read about its rules and history here. It is played in the US too. This is a link to the US Federation. Do you have another hobbies besides tennis?

Hi Rei, thank you so much for your comment! Oh I see, Futsal is the international name of Indoor Soccer. In that case, I play Futsal with my friends too sometimes! It is a fun sport! Your town seems so interesting. The closest big city to my home is San Francisco. My friends take the train to San Francisco once in a while. The train ride takes around one hour, and we have fun and shop in the big city. I live in a relatively small town called Sunnyvale. Besides tennis, I also enjoy reading, watching movies, playing video games, bird-watching, and hanging out with friends. What are your hobbies, Rei? =]

My hobbies? I like to hang out with my friends too:) I often go to center of the town. There is a shopping arcede and there are some cafes. I love to sit in the cafe, stay there for many hours and chat with my friends. Besides hanging out with my friends, I also like to play sports, badminton, volleyball and dodge ball. Rei

Hello Rei! I really enjoyed your video about Nagasaki, mostly because of all the nature surrounding it. There are places in California where you can go and be surrounded be trees and nature, but they take a long time to get there. Even if they do take a long time to get there, I really enjoy them. Do you like walking around in the parks and enjoying the scenery or do you prefer the 'city' life with people and shops and other thigns? I really like your photos of where you live, seems like a great place!

Hi Kayleigh ! Thanks for your comment. Yes, I like walking around in the park:) My college is located near the park, so I walk there almost everyday after school to go a place where I am working part time job. when I walk in the park, I had a clear view of the sea. It is beautiful. My city is not so big and there are not so many shops but the air is clean and the people who live in Nagasaki are very friendly,so I like to live here:)

Hi Rei! Is your school really an all women's college? Your hometown seems really big and has a lot of people, though you say if isn't very big but comfortable. The picture of your Hometown reminds me of California's San Fransisco. San Fransisco has many buildings and is near the ocean, too, nothing like where I live. I absolutely love the Waterside mountain park, it looks so nice and tidy. There's a park fairly near to my hometown that is really big and naturey. It's a really big community place and is one of the best places to see fireworks. Does the flea market there only sell clothes, or can you find more exotic things there? Goddess bridge looks similar to the Golden gate bridge in California. This is a link to a picture of the bridge. I'm interested in the Botanical Garden. I've been to one in Canada before, it was very beautiful. Here are some pictures of the Garden in Canada, part 1, part 2. Except my question is, exactly why is there a dinosaur? O.o how unusual. Thank you for sharing these fascinating facts about Nagasaki with us! Oh by the way, does your name mean anything?

Hi Claire! Yes, In my school, students are only women. You can sometimes find other things like necessaries or accessories on the cheep and discount when the flea market would be held. I heve seen the bridge you put in here in an american drama named FullHouse. The pictures of the garden is very beautiful ! I do not konw why there is a dinosaur in the botanical garden.. My name REI, it takes its origin from a Japanese word, meaning of gratitudde. My mother was said that it is difficult for het to have a child by a doctor, but she could have a baby, it was me ! ,so she and my father was very glad and their feelings were full of gratitude:)

Hello Rei, wonderful slideshow. I think that Nagasaki looks like a beautiful and enjoyable place to visit. So much nature surrounds the city, which is very different than the urban setting in Santa Clara, my hometown. Do you often spend time with friends at the places in your slideshow?

Thank you for your comment Anthony! Yes, I often go to the waterside mountain park and pass behind the bridge by a car but not with my friends. When I spend time with my friends, I go to the center of Nagasaki or shopping center which is located near the station. Thwew are some restaurants, cafe, and boutiques :)

Dear Scott, Kayleigh, Claire and Anthony
It was very nice to talk to you. Have a nice holiday !!