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That was a nice video. I liked how you showed some things that weren't known to tourists. It showed that Nagasaki has a lot of things to offer. I really liked the ice cream shop, that was a pretty big ice cream cone. I've never seen aything that big before. How much does one of the cones cost?
- Andreas

Thank you for your comment!! That ice cream cone is 110 yen (about $1) . VERY good price, isn't it? I heard there are many kind of ice cream in America. Which ice cream do you like the best?
- Shidzu

Thank you for your comment. That is actually an outstanding price for an ice cream cone. On average here in Califronia an ice cream cone cots about $3 to 4$ and their less than half the size of the cone you had in your video. I know expensive. There are alot of many differant kinds, too many to name but my favorite is Coffee Heath bar crunch. It sounds weird but it actually really good. I was wondering how is it in Nagasaki? What do you do for your free time there.
- Andreas

Thank you for your comment! I think an ice cream cone about $3 or $4 are normal. Also in Japan, many ice cream shops sell about $3 or $4. But that shop belongs to an old lady who has been charging that price for a long time. She told me that at that price many children can buy it and she is happy even if she does not make much money. My home town is not Nagasaki but Fukuoka, so I living alone. Nagasaki people are very kind!! When I lost my way in Nagasaki, all people who I asked guided me VERY kindly. How is California? In my free time, I drink coffee or tea with my friends or shopping something. What do you do with your free time in California?

Hi, I found your slide show very interesting. Your school looks very tranquil, is it a boarding school? Why are there windmills surrounded by flowers in the one picture? Are they for decoration? Why is the view called Ten million dollar's night view? Is it because of all the lights, either on the ground or up in the sky? Wow! Twelve layer ice cream! That sounds delicious! But it would be a shame if someone tripped while holding one. in one of your pictures of the benches there's writing on it, do you know what it says? Thank you for sharing Nagasaki with us, it was delightful.

Thank you for your comment! Kwassui is not a boarding school. We can take advantage of a dorm if we wish, but it is not required. Those windmills are part of an amusement park, so the flowers are a decoration. In Japan, 3 famous places are called million dollar's night view, Sapporo, Kobe, and Nagasaki. But Nagasaki people believe that Nagasaki's view is better, so they call it Ten million dollar's night view!! And of course sky light is beautiful, but ground light is shinier than sky. The writing on the bench says that the people of that neighborhood put it there for the public. I heard California has many kind of ice cream. I like chocolate ice cream. What is your favorite?

Shidzu, honestly there's so many yummy flavors of ice cream out there, so I'd have to say my favorite is between 'Moose Tracks' or 'Cookie Dough'. Both are extremely yummy. It must be nice to have a tall place to see all those lights. Where I live there aren't really any places like that, and since I'm near sighted it's difficult to see all the stars in the sky...unless I put on my glasses. =) What kinds of hobbies do you have?

Nagasaki is so beautiful! I loved all of your pictures. I was wondering, though, what is the purpose of the Peace Park? Is it some sort of memorial or something? I really loved hearing about the festivals, too! Where I live, in California, we don't have very many festivals such as the ones held in Nagasaki. I would say our largest celebration would be for the 4th of July. Have you ever heard of it? Thanks so much for sharing that video with me!

Thank you for your comment! You asked about the Peace Park. On August 9, 1945, Nagasaki was hit by an atomic bomb, so 40,000 people died immediately and as many by the end of the year (because of radiation sickness). Many others continue to suffer even today because of radiation they absorbed at that time. So we pray for peace and that this horror should not happen to anyone again. I did not hear this about the 4th of July festival. Please tell me about it.

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Today is the last lesson in this year. I hope you have a special holiday and A Happy New Year!! Bye bye ;-)