Sightseeing in Nagasaki
Azumi and Kaori

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Hi Azumi and Kaori, Thanks for showing us around Nagasaki. I like the clip about the ja-odori or dragon dance very much. It reminds me of the lion dance San Francisco's Chinatown performs. What are some of the specialty stores in Nagasaki?
-Terumi S.

Hello, Terumi. Thank you for the comment. I am glad that you liked the clip about ja-odori. Because shooting picture of them was hard work. (There was a dense crowd and we could not move.) I have seen the lion dance Chinatown in Nagasaki. Both of them come from China, so they are a little resemblance. My recommend specialty store are AMUPLAZA NAGASAKI and COCOWALK. AMU PLAZA NAGASAKI is a station building. There are souvemir stores, clothes stores, and restaurants. Every day, they are alive with young people. COCOWALK is new big stores. It was opend only 2 months ago. Are there some of specialty stores in your town??
Azumi M.

Hi Azumi,
Are there any Chinese people living in Nagasaki's Chinatown? or is it mostly Chinese-style restaurants owned by Japanese people? Amu Plaza Nagasaki and Cocowalk sound like really cool places. I would like to visit those stores if I ever go to Nagasaki. There are not a lot of specialty stores where I live. A lot of teenagers like to go to the mall (department stores) and hang out. I like to go to Happy Berry, a gelato place, or Morning Glory which is like a Korean-style Sanrio. There is also a new Japanese store that opened last week. It's called Daiso and it sells many cute household things.

Hi, Terumi
Chinatown in Nagasaki is not for residential zone. There are many Chinese-style restaurants and stores. In Nagasaki, there is a Chinese community that has been living here since the Edo period, and they keep many of their traditions, but they do not live in a separate area of town.
I really want to go to Happy Berry. I like ice cream and gelato very much!! Is there any special flavors? In Japan, Green tea flavor is very popular. Sometime, we eat them with annko(sweet bean paste) and shiratama.(like a rice
cake) Is Daiso flat price? In Japan, every goods are sold at a flat price of 100 yen at Daiso. I often go there to buy stationeries or sweets.
Azumi M

Hi Azumi,
I like green tea flavor too! There isn't a special flavor, but some of the flavors are mocha, taro, hazelnut chocolate, and cookie dough. My favorite combination is green tea and coffee. Even though it sounds like a strange combination, the two flavors taste good together! Do you have a cafe that is popular in Nagasaki? The Daiso here sell most products for 1.50 dollars, but some products are sold at 3.00 dollars or 6.00 dollars. What do you and your friends do for fun during your free time?

Hello, that's a cool video you two made. I never knew that Nagasaki had so many interesting things. If I ever go to Japan, I'll make sure to visit Nagasaki.
Thanks for sharing your video. If you have any questions about America, fill free to ask.
-Jimmy P.

Hello Jimmy. Thank you for watching our video. We could not photograph all of famous places and customs. If you come to Japan, plese visit various places. In your town, are there some traditional festivals or places?
Azumi M.

Hello Azumi and Kaori!
Thanks for making such a great video. I've been to Nagasaki before and all of your amazing pictures made me feel like I was there all over again! I especially liked your story about the bridge beeing flooded over and having to be rebuilt. Have you ever been around when it was flooding over?

Thanks for all the great information and amazing pictures!

Hello Shahriyar. Thank you for a comment. I was suprised that you have been to Nagasaki. Was it good trip? Where did you go at that time? When floods happend, I was not born yet.
Azumi M.

Hello, Azumi and Kaori-
This was a really interesting video to watch. I liked seeing all of the different places in Nagasaki (it makes me want to come and sight-see!). The festival sounds especially interesting. Is it for only one day?
-Taylor vK.

Hello Taylor. I am happy about your comment. The sound made by dora (gong), cyarumera (noodle vendor's flute), and drums. Dora expresses big wave, cyarumera expresses dragon's scream, and drums experess rain and thunder. The festival is performed for 3 days. I am very interested in Halloween. What do you do Halloween every year?
Azumi M.

Hi, Azumi. On Halloween, my friends and I dress up in costumes and pass out candy to the children who come by the house. Trick-or-treating is a lot of fun, but it gets embarrassing when you get older! We also carve pumpkins and decorate the house with scary decorations. Do you have anything in Japan that's like Halloween? Are there people who celebrate it there?

Hi. Taylor. It sounds interesting!! I wanna experience about it. Acutually, there are no events like Haolloween in Japan, but Japan has a coming-of-age celebration! Next January 12, 20-year-old boys and girls gather at each town hall wearing a long-sleeved kimono or a suit and listen to a speech by the mayor..After that, they have parties. It is a good chance to catch up with old friends. In Japan, 20 is very important age. The kimono is like a yukata, but it is more special and expensive. It is fantastic and precious for us!! Actually, Azumi and I will have a coming-of- age day next year. Therefore I am excited very much. Do you have anything celebration like a coming-of-age celebration?
Kaori D.