How to Cook Sukiyaki
Ayumi and Yuumi

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Hi Ayumi and Yuumi!
I loved your video! It was very informative and looked very yummy! I've heard of sukiyaki, but have never tried it before. What else can you put in it? And, do you have to put sake?


Thank you for your comment! I was so glad! I was glad that it looked very yummy! Could I make you understand Sukiyaki? You asked us what else you could put in, and whether you had to put sake or not. For example, you can put... pork instead of beef. Also, you can put an egg which is cracked and beaten. It will make sukiyaki more delicious, but I don't like an egg, so we didn't put it this time. Sake is necessary for tasting, but if you don't have, you don't need to put. However, you can use mirin( It is easier to taste with mirin than sake, and we tend to use it. Please try it!


To Ferheen
Have you ever heard of Sukiyaki as the song's name? I don't know whether you can eat Sukiyaki or not in America. You can also put in like potatoes, onions, or eggs. What is your favorite food?

Hi Ayumi and Yuumi.
Your video made me very hungry. And I just had lunch, so that's saying something! Your english is very nice, and sounds very natural. I enjoy experimenting when making Ramen and Yakisoba, and now I think that for Thanksgiving Break (which is this week) I'm going to try to make Sukiyaki for my family. Thanks for such an informative (and mouthwatering) video!

Thank you for watching our video! I understand you because we were very hungry while we made it. Then, I was relieved to be told our English was natural, because I had no confidence with English. Thank you! Ah! You have made Ramen and Yakisoba, haven't you? I want you to tell me about this. I hope you can make sukiyaki delicious!(^^)


To Clifford,
I am very happy that you will cook Sukiyaki. I wish your family would like it. We don't have Thanksgiving Day in Japan. Please let me know what kind of dishes you have for Thanksgiving Break as usual?

Hello Ayumi and Yumi!
Your English is light and clear, which makes it very nice to listen to. When I hear of sukiyaki, I think of a song that has the same name. Maybe you two know it in Japan as "Ue wo muite arukou." Although the song has nothing to do with sukiyaki, Americans used that as the name because it was easy to say. The picture of the sukiyaki in the beginning of the video was really cute. You two seem like great cooks! As for the ingredients, do they differ from region to region? Was the sake that was used specifically used for cooking or is it the same as the kind you drink? I haven't tried sukiyaki before, but it does look really tasty. Maybe I will go to Japan and try it one day. Eating sukiyaki seems like a great way to hang with friends.


Thank you for your comment! I heard "Ue wo muite arukou" is called Sukiyaki. I wondered why it was called by such name. Thank for explaining that the reason is sukiyaki is easy to pronounce. The picture was drawn by us. I like drawing! Thank you for comments about picture too! I am so glad! About ingredients, I'm not vary familiar with cooking, so I don't know very much, but, for example, I've heard there is a region where people put Udon( instead of chan-pon noodles. Also, we can use cooking sake or drinking sake. It is better to use cooking sake, but we sometimes use drinking sake when we run out of cooking sake. Also, we tend to use mirin ( because it is easier to flavor sukiyaki with it than with sake. I hope you to try to Sukiyaki!


To Michelle
Even though Sukiyaki song is popular in Japan, some Japanese doesn't know the name of the song as Sukiyaki. As you mentioned the somg is famous for "Ue wo muite arukou." Sukiyaki is one of the most famous and popular dishes in Japan. That is why the song is named so. There is another view which holds that when the president of the music company came to Japan, he ate Sukiyaki and he liked it! I am not sure that is true or not. Basically it is not so different region to region, but the order of cooking is a little different. In Japan sweet sake is different from drinking sake but if you don't have sweet sake at home you can also use drinking sake.

Ayumi and Yumi,
It's nice to hear from you two again. I actually like to draw as well. What kind of things do you like drawing?
I have heard of the theory that Sukiyaki was popular and easy to pronounce, but I haven't heard of the second theory that you have mentioned.
What are the different types of sake in Japan then? Mirin? I've used it before to make tamagoyaki. It was hard to make because I didn't have the right pan, but it still turned out very nicely. What other Japanese foods do you two often make?


Yes! We like drawing. Ayumi is good at drawing design art, and in jumior high school she got first prize of her prefecture.
There are three kinds of sake in Japan as far as we know; cooking sake, drinking sake,and Mirin.
By the way, we were surprised that you made tamagoyaki! We think you are familiar with Japanese cooking because
you used mirin for tamagoyaki. Some Japanese don't put Mirin, and season it by sugar and soy sauce.
We often make...Nikujaga, Okonomiyaki,Miso soup,Tempura, do you know them? Also, we make not only Japanese food but Western food,
like Hamburger steak, spaghetti,croquette.
Thank you for your questions. We enjoyed talking to you. Happy holidays!

Ayumi and Yumi