Summer Festival
Haruka, Kanako, Yuri Y., and Yuri K.

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Hi Haruka, Kanako, Yuri Y. and Yuri K. I really enjoyed watching your video about Nagasaki's summer festival. It was the first time someone showed me how to tie an obi. It looks very complicated, but I would like to try it sometime. The fireworks were also very beautiful. About how many minutes can you watch the fireworks show? Also, I was interested in the music preformance at the festival. What kinds of bands play at the festival?
-Terumi S.

Hi Terumi S, Thank you for your comment. We can enjoy the fireworks show for about 15 minutes. I think it's enough, becouse our neck will be tired. >< We can also enjoy acoustic guitar music, rock music, and some university student's band music. They are all great and exciting. What kinds of music do you like? Do you know any Japanese musician? Also,How often do you watch fireworks?
By Kanako, Haruka

Hi Kanako and Haruka,
I listen to some Japanese music. I like energetic and happy music, but I sometimes listen to rock too. I like many songs by Arashi, like きっと大丈夫 and Truth. I also listen to コブクロ and アンジェラ アキ. What kind of music do you like?

Hi Terumi,
I am happy to hear that you listen to Japanese music. Arashi is so cute! Most of their songs make me cheerful. Do you know Arashi is a member of Johnny's Family? Other members are SMAP, V6, TOKIO, NEWS, etc. I like Johnny's Family very much. Last summer I went to a concert of TOKIO. It was exciting. Have you ever gone to a concert?

Hi Haruka,
I listen to many Japanese and Chinese songs. I don't like American music that much. Isn't that a little strange? I've never been to a concert before. I really want to go! Among all of the Johnny's I like Arashi the best. I don't like many others... maybe Takki and Tsubasa and V6. My friends really like NEWS and Kattun though. Do you listen to American music? I heard from my friend who is living in Tokyo right now that sometimes American songs are popular. Do you know Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend"?
I also like to watch a lot of Japanese dramas. I'm watching Yamada Taro no Monogatari now. Do you know it? Sakurai Sho and Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi is in it. It's a very cute story.

Hi Terumi,
I sometimes listen to American music. My favorite group is Black Eyed Peas. I also listen to Backstreet Boys and Avril Lavigne. Those three are very popular in Japan, especially Avril. "Girlfriend" was a great hit, and Avril appeared on many Japanese TV shows. A few weaks ago, Beyonce came to Japan and advertised her ner song.
I know the name of the drama Yamada Taro Monogatari. I have not watched it, but my friend said it is enjoyable. Now, I am convinced that you like Arashi very much!!
Somedays ago, I watched American TV drama, 24. I watched only two volumes of first series, so I really want to know the rest of the story. Is 24 popular in the US, too?
We enjoy talking with you! Have a great vacation!
Hey Haruka,I have not watched the drama 24, but I have heard of it. Sometimes I would watch Japanese music programs and I see a lot of American artists come as guests. I like Arashi because I think they have very funny shows like Mago Mago Arashi. I enjoyed talking to you a lot too. Thanks for sharing your video with me!

Haruka, Kanako, Yuri Y., and Yuri K.-
Your video on the summer festival was really interesting. Maybe someday I will try to tie an obi, too. (It looks a little hard, though). The festival looked like a lot of fun, especially the concert. How long does it run, normally? The fireworks were also amazing and really pretty. I liked seeing the different kinds.
-Taylor vK.

Dear Taylor
Hello. Thank you for your message! Although putting on the obi looks difficult, it is easy after you do it a few times.The festival runs for two days. Are there festivals like this in your country? We want to know famous American festivals!
From Yuri K., Yuri Y.

Hi, Yuri K. and Yuri Y.
There are a lot of festivals in America, but they're a little different than the ones in Japan. A lot of the ones are cultural festivals (like Diwali or O-bon) but we also have an Art and Wine Festival once a year where people sell art and things they made. We also have big celebrations every once in a while. About how many festivals do you go to every year?

Dear Taylor
America also has many festivals! They seem to be interesting!! Most of us go to four festivals in Nagasaki. Lantern Festival in February, Tall Ships Festival in April, Seaside Festival in July and Okunchi in October. Do you know any other festival in Japan? There're some famous festivals, for example, Snow Festival in Hokkaido, Gion Festival in Kyoto and Yosakoi Festival in Kochi.
-Yuri Y.and Yuri Y

Hello Haruka, Kanako, Yuri Y., and Yuri K.,
Your video was very detailed, especially about how to tie an obi. I also liked how you described the various events.
I was wondering, do men also have special clothes that they wear to the festivals?

Hi, jeremy.
We are happy that you are interested in Japanese culture. Some me wear Yukata when they go to the summer festival, but it's not common as women. Men's Yukata isn't colourful like women's. I like men who wear Yukata. They look cool!

Hello Haruka, Kanako, Yuri Y., and Yuri K.,
I found your video very interesting and informative, especially the part showing a recording of the fireworks :)
Just out of curiosity, do you remember the name of the band that was playing on the stage there? Also, how often do people wear traditional Japanese clothing (like the Obi) to events like the festival?

Hi, Steven.
Thank you for your comment. I didn't watch all bands this year, but the band in one of the picture is a band that copied an old rock band called KISS. Do you know them? We hardly wear traditional clothes. We wear them on only special day like summer festival or New Year's day. Even Japanese, there are many people who do not know how to tie the obi.
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