Tea Ceremony
Ayumi O.,Kyoko, Reika, and Terumi

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Hello, Ayumi,Kyoko, Reika, and Terumi! I have heard of tea ceremony, but thanks to your video, I have learned more. But I was wondering, why do you turn the cup twice before drinking? And how often do you have a tea ceremony?
Overall, each of you did a good job at explaining and at english.
Great video! Now I'm craving green tea with confectionaries.


Hello, Teresa! Thank you for your comment.We turn the cup before drinking because it's not considered polite to drink from the front of the cup. With two small turns we rotate the cup 90 degrees. Nowadays, most Japanese don't do the tea ceremony in their daily life, but some people learn it from tea masters. In this case, they will do the ceremony informally many times, but formally (with kimono) three times a year. Can you buy green tea confectioneries in the US?

Hello again!
Thank you for replying. I've seen some clips of people doing tea ceremony, especially in dramas. Yes, you can buy green tea confectionaries, and also matcha green tea (usually milk tea). Besides tea ceremony and the clubs you are in ( as i couldn't help but notice), what else are each of you interested in? I like to play badminton, and I have been on the team for 3 years, and I am learning how to play the piano. And another question, have all of you participated in an actual tea ceremony?
Thank you!

Hello again, Teresa
You said that you have seen some clips of people doing tea ceremony in drama. Is it Japanese drama? Ayumi also plays badminton and she belonged to the badminton club. When she was in junior high school and high school. Let's play with us when you come to Nagasaki. What is your favorite composer? And what kind of music do you like? Kyoko likes to watch the Dragon Ball which is a Japanese animation. Do you know it? Ayumi is interested in cooking. Her special dish is curry and rice. Terumi's hobby is watching Korean dramas. Her favorite actor is Daniel Henny. He is really cool. Reika likes soccer. She likes Christiano Ronaldo. Kyoko and Reika have participated in some tea ceremonies. Green tea and confectionaries are well matched.

Yes, it is a Japanese drama. I'm sure you all know 花より男子. Haha. Unfortunately, I'm not going on the Japan trip with the class, although I am hoping to go sometime next year. If I do get to go, then I will make sure I will stop at Nagasaki to play badminton with all of you :]. Ayumi, what position do you play, or which do you like most? I like to play singles, but I haven't been playing lately. My favorite composer is Chopin, and I especially like the piece: Petit Chien. Do any of you play instruments? I used to learn violin in elementary school but I stopped. I wish I didn't stop.I like to listen to alternative rock, electronic, pop, and R&B; mainly Asian songs. My favorite Japanese groups are オレンジレンジ、ウバーワールド、and 嵐 .I also listen to many others. I know Dragon Ball, I watched it when I was a kid. I don't watch much anime anymore. Kyoko, do you prefer to read manga or watch anime? The last ones I watched were Naruto and Bleach. There are too many episodes, but I will probably continue watching when I have free time.There are many オタク in America and there's conventions where they all gather and cosplay. What kind of music do you girls like?
I can't cook. x_x i always end up burning something. haha. What's your favorite food? Terumi, have you seen My Name Is Kim Sam Soon? Daniel Henney is in it and also in Spring Waltz, but I liked the other drama better. I like to watch Korean dramas too, but I have been watching more Japanese dramas lately. Korean and Japanese dramas are really popular over here.I like to watch soccer and baseball ( and any sports besides football, even though it is the most popular sport in America) but i don't watch enough to know any players. Reika, what do you think of football?
I love green tea. Does Japan have boba? It's also called pearl drink, with milk tea and something like jelly.
Thank you, and sorry I made my comment so long.
-Teresa :]

Hi, Teresa
Wao! You watched 花より男子! It's very popular in Japan.Especially girls like it. Ayumi likes doubles, because singles is hard for her and she has no position.All of us think Chopin is great composer, but we don't the piece. We want to listen it very much! You mentioned you used to learn violin. It's so cool! Kyoko can play tuba and Termi can play piano.you know a lot of Japanese artist. オレンジレンジ came to our city two months ago. Our friend went to the concert and her favorite member is Ryo. Kyoko tryed to watch anime of Dragon ball and read comic of it. She prefers to watch anime. She recommends the anime of Poket monster.Oh, do you know オタク? There are many オタク in Japan. They also enjoy cosplay! Have you ever tried to cosplay? Ayumi 's favorite food is Nikujyaga. Do you know it? It's home cooking in Japan. Yes! Terumi have watched My Name Is Kim Sam Soon, but not Spring waltz yet. What is your favorite Korean drama? She said she want to talk about Japanese and Korean drama more and more with you. In Japan, foot ball is not so popular. If we have a chance, we want to watch football in America. We don't have boba. What's taste does it like?Happy holidays!

Yes, and I have also recently watched the movie. I liked the part when 道明寺くん said: お前はアホか?日本語強いも弱いもねえだろうって、言葉なんだろ。XD I liked the drama better. Even though I am not a 松潤 fan, I really liked him in that drama. You should search a video of Petit Chien online. I hope I can be able to play it in 4 years. I played violin when I was 8, and I forgot everything. :/ I like to play singles even though I am lazy. XD. I want to hear Kyoko and Terumi play! My favorite member is Yamato but I think he needs to cut his hair and shave his facial hair. :] I watched Pocket Monsters too! ポケモン?I loved watching that, but I didn't like it when there were new pocket monsters. There's a convention in San Jose called "Fanime Con" once a year, and a lot of people cosplay, but I have not been to one or done cosplay. I don't know what nikujyaga, but I hope to one day try it. It is meat and potatoes right? I would love to talk more about Japanese and Korean drama! My favorite Korean drama is My Girl. You all can email me at: maitreesaphan@gmail.com if you have free time, and we could talk more about anything. :D Football fans, especially those at the games go wild. XD. Boba is a milk tea drink with small brown round jelly inside. It's really good.
Happy Holidays to all of you! It was very fun talking to you all. Thank you!

Hello, Ayumi, Kyoko, Reika, and Terumi,
Your video was very informative and interesting to watch; I learned a lot about the tea ceremony. I was wondering, how long does it take to learn how to perform the tea ceremony?

Hello, Jeremy! Thank you for your comment and question. It's the difference among individuals to perform the tea ceremony. In Kyoko's case, she mastered it in about 3 months.She took lessons twice a week. BTW, in high school, Kyoko belonged to the choir club, Terumi to the basketball club, Reika to the Flower arrangement club, and Ayumi to the badminton club. Do you belong to any clubs at your school?

Ah, wow, that's a really long time.
Yes, I am involved in several clubs at my school; one of the ones that I'm most involved in is the Debate club. We meet about once a week and practice speaking and arguing about various topics.
What are some of the things that you do for your clubs?

Hi, Jeremy!
Oh, you belong to Debate club!! That's sounds great! It must be difficult.
As you know we belong to those clubs. Kyoko sang in soprano. She won the prize when she was a high school student. Terumi belonged to basketball club. She was a point guard when she was in junior high school and she was a manager of boy's basketball club when she was in high school. Reika was a president of flower arrangement club. She has a requirement of it. Ayumi likes Kumiko Ogura and Reiko Shiota. They are famous Japanese players.

Oh, wow. That's really impressive!
By the way, you said that Reika "has a requirement" of the flower arrangement club...what do you mean by that?

Hello, Jeremy
She has a requirment, so she can teach how to arrenge flowers to others. We enjoyed talking with you. Happy holidays!
Your video was very informative and was a good explanation of the tea ceremony.
I've always wondered how people do the tea ceremony, especially since it seems so complicated.
Is there any particular speed which you're supposed to do the ceremony? Anyways, great video, it makes me want to try the tea ceremony someday.

Hi. Steven
Thank you for your comment. We aren't sure about the meaning of speed in your question, but the ceremony moves are done at a leasurely pace to create a calm atmosphere. The reason why Japanese do the ceremony is that we think it helps our manners and trains our spirit. It is not easy to explain with words, but if you try it, you will understand. Changing the topic, What is your hobby?

Joshua Here
I'm the last of the student to comment.. I think
But woah. the tea ceramony looks very hard and tedious. I'd love to see one live or even learn it myself one day. Haha, the name Terumi almost fooled me. I also have a friend here named Terumi so I thought she helped with this video haha

Hi, Joshua
That's right! Tea ceremony is tedious.To learn tea ceremony is good to know Japanese culture.Thank you for your comment! Happy holidays!