Meet the officers of the school's animation club.
by Natsuki

Comments and questions:

My name is Yumi.Thank you for good movie!
Your club looks so enjoyable, because such club is not common in Japan.
Also, you all look good friends.You enjoy club activities, don't you?
I like animation very much, too! I want to know what Japanese animation you like.
By the way, the movie called "Uma-Uma" is popular in Japan. Do you know it??
You will see it on Youtube. See you


Dear Natsuki
Hello! My name is Yoko. Your anime club seems to be very fun.
I have a question. What anime is favorite in your club?
In Japan, some animeted cartoons are broadcasted every Sunday,
such as " Chibi-Maruko-Chan" and " Sazae-san" , and Japanese peple
enjoy them very much. I like them too. See you.


Dear Yumi and Yoko,

Natsuki will make a note on this page before you get to your class on Wednesday - sorry for the delay! Japanese animation is very, very popular with young people here; it's one of the biggest reasons students choose to study Japanese! A week ago there was an event called "Fanimecon" in San Jose, and lots of people went dressed up as their favorite movie characters. Natsuki-kun can tell you more about it. Are there animated American movies that you think are similar to Japanese animated movies? How do you think Japanese and American animated movies are different?

Take care,

Dear Natsuki and Rushton

Hi, my name is Yukari. Your video is really good! I like anime, especially Jiburi movies.
I think that there are some difference between Japanese and American animated movies.
Most of the American animated movies have bravery heros.
On the other hand, Japanese anime has many lazy heros! For example, "Doraemon", "Kureyonshinchan" etc...
Of course there are some bravery heros in Japan. But I like lazy heros!
Are there any lazy heros in American animated movies? And how is it?


Dear Rushton
Thank you for your reply. I am glad to hear about popularity of Japanese animation. "Fanimecon" looks very interesting. I never thought about the difference of American animated movies and Japanese animated movies before, so it is difficult question for me. So I will watch American movies from now on. I would like to know more about it. See you.


Thank you for reply to us.I am interested in what you say.It is happy for me to know that a lot of students begin to study Japanese
for Japanese animation.By the way, I want to know more about "Fanimecon". I have heard foreign people including your countries are famous for better dresser than Japanese. I don't know about American animated movies very much, but I think American animated movies are mostly for children. In contrast, Japanese animated movies are not only for children but also for adults. Then, I think Japanese animated movies and American animated movies are similar because they both have broad appeal.

Hello. This is Natsuki. First, I'd like to apologize for the delayed response to all of you comments (partially due to the fact that I was at Fanime Con that Mr. Hurley mentioned earlier). Thank you all for your positive feedback about my video. I am surprised to hear that anime clubs are not that common in Japan. We watch all sorts of anime at the club. Personally, I like action anime, like Black Lagoon and Cowboy Bebop.

If you are ever in America during May (May 23rd to 25th), I invite you to go to Fanime Con as well, it's a lot of fun. You can meet a lot of artists (the people from GAINAX were there!) as well as see all sorts of movies (not limited to Japanese movies). There were many cosplayers there. As I'd imagine, there must be a lot of cosplayers in Japan as well, right?

Until next time.


I am happy to hear about "Fanimecon". It looks a lot of fun. I had never heard such an event. I would like to watch foreign animated movies. By the way, I heard that you will come to Nagasaki next year. I am looking forward to meeting you and members of Anime club. See you.


ah, yes, I will most likely be on the Japanese trip next year. I am looking forward to visiting Japan after such a long time. I think the last time I was there, it was maybe 10 years ago! I'd expect to see many

Fanime con is very much fun, I thought there were a lot of conventions in Japan as well. There are many cons throughout the year here, if you are ever in California in the summer, there is a large con going on called Anime Expo that is worth looking into.


Hello.I am Yumi. Thank you for reply.You said you watch all sorts of anime at your club, so I think you are more familiar with anime than us. Then, I don't know these animes you like (Black Lagoon and Cowboy Bebop). Sorry, and I will found them on the Internet.

I wish I had been in America after I read your reply! I'm interested in Fanime Con. In Japan, there are many cosplayers.(They may sometimes take part in cosplay events.) I am not cosplayer and I'm not familiar with cosplay, but I've seen their photographs on the Internet. Even some celebrities enjoy cosplay in Japan. I've heard preparation for such events for cosplayer takes long time, is it true?

I'm glad to talk with you about anime because I like it. I'm looking forward to talking with you again.




Cosplay, from what I can tell takes a long time to prepare, especially if you're making it yourself. I've seen some pretty intricate ones, some one at Fanime Cosplayed as a GUNDAM. It was really cool.

I hope you enjoy your summer.


Thank you for telling me about Cosplay. Clothes caracters of comics or animations wear are fancy so I think it takes long time for preparing. By the way, GUNDAM is popular American pepople, and I'm glad! GUNDAM is popular in Japan too. I also think their costumes are cool. Then, GUNDAM is popular, but COADGEASS is popular too. Do you know it? It is animation of robots like GUNDAM.

I hope you enjoy your summer too!


I want to go to Fanime Con! There are a lot of cosplayers in Akihabara, but there are few them in Nagasaki. Sometimes I find "Gosrori"in this town. They are really unique. Do you often wear costumes? I've never tried it, but I'm interesting in it. Finally,I'm looking forward to talk to you again in autumn!


Ah, Akihabara. I've wanted to go there for a while now. I hear there are a lot of games and anime merchandise there. I have not cosplay, or more accurately, not yet. Although I have not decided yet, I hope to have a cosplay ready in time for next years Fanime Con, me and my friends are planning to go as a cosplay group. Even though it's a year away, I'm already looking forward to it.

I hoe you enjoy your summer


Yesterday, a case occured in Akihabara. 7people killed and 10people injured. It is a terrible thing. This news makes me so sad. In Nagasaki, there is peaceful town I think, so please feel relieved!