A young chef seeking to live up to his famous grandfather, and the ouendan that helps him.
by Joshua, Jeremy, Steven, and Rachel

Comments and questions:

I also like cooking. I agree that the delicious food make happy for everybody. Your Japanese is very good. I think you like Japanese very much. By the way, I have questions. I have known that you cooked soup. Is it a traditional food? Like this video, were you taught how to make it from yourgrandfather? I'm very interested in it. I think Japanese traditional dishes are " MIso-soup" and " Nikujyaga" and so on. Do you know them?

Dear Joshua,Jeremy,Steven,and Rachel
Your Japanese is easy to understand. Moreover your story is very funny.I laughed the end of the story in particular. The famouse Japanese song works effectively. Speaking with exaggerated gestures were very good. How did you know the way to use an honorific expression used to show respect to the person addressed?
From Ayumi

Dear Mari and Ayumi,
Thank you for your kind comments, I'm glad that you found the story funny. My grandfather didn't cook very much, but I have watched my grandmother cook traditional Chinese food. Sorry, I'm not very familiar with traditional Japanese dishes, but I would like to try them someday. I learned how to use honorific expressions to show respect from my Japanese teacher, Hurley sensei.
I was wondering, have you ever seen an Ouendan group perform?
-Jeremy (the Ouendan leader in the video)

Ayumi and Mari san!
Hello there. I'm glad you liked our video. To tell you the truth we didn't cook anything. We had cooked the ramen beforehand and it was only instant ramen .
By the way remember the black scene for the critic? well... that was supposed to have something but something went wrong so..... None of us I think really had based this off a grandfather we had. It was kind of based on the ds game OSU TATAKAE OUENDAN! with a little bit of our own things. What's your favorite scenes? I liked it when the critic knocked down the Ouendan leader hahaha. From me, I know about honorifics from Manga and anime. Thanks for watching and commenting on our video.Wait for next year's! And don't forget. Even a water rat has its own beauty LINDA LINDAAAAA
Joshua (the chef).

Dear Mari and Ayumi,
Thanks for watching our video project and enjoying it. It was actually pretty fun to make, but we had to rush to film all of our parts because some of our group members had to work (Joshua Lee), and another one had a band trip to Disneyland (Rachel Tsai). I used to have a lot of lines in the video, but we had to get rid of them to make the video shorter, so I ended up with a lot less lines than everyone else. Actually, I kind of wanted to be the angry critic/customer character. As for the song "Linda Linda", it got stuck in my head for the next week or so after we did the video.

As for Rachel her entry will be added in later. Thanks for watching!

Dear Joshua,Jeremy,Steven,and Rachel
Thank you for comments.Your video was really nice.My favorite scene is that OUENDAN encourage the chef with using the song.This song matches your performances.I also like it.I have seen OUENDAN performances like yours.It's very cool.I saw it many times.From elementary school to high school,I saw it when the sports festival was held.In your country,is it popular Japanese anime?In my childhood,I would see them many times.Especially,I like "DORAEMON".It was very fun. What animation do you like best?

Dear Mari and Ayumi san,
Thanks for watching and posting your comments! My mother helped us with the instant noodles, but she knows how to cook some Japanese noodle entries like Udon and Ramen, as well as Miso-soup. I'm glad you both enjoyed the video, because I know we enjoyed the mistakes in rehearsal and snacking in between. And about Doraemon, I remember watching that on tape; it was very cute. My favorite animation would be Spirited Away because the world that it took place in enchanted me as a child. Have either of you watched it before? Or perhaps other Miyazaki/Ghibli Studio films?

Dear Joshua,Jeremy,Steven,and Rachel
Hello! Thanks for receiving coments. I introduce traditional Japanese dishes. Typical dishes are Nikujaga, Tenpura, soba, sushi, and miso-soup and so on. I think it is especially easy to cook miso-soup. Please be sure to try it. It is common for Japanese to see Ouendan group performance in athletic meet. Ofcourse I have seen it many times. By the way I never heard of DS game; OSU TATAKAE OUENDAN. However I enjoyed watching the story.
I'm very glad to talk to you,and looking forward to talk in Japan.


I have tried some of those dishes, but I hope to try all of them next year when I go to Japan with my peers. Maybe we'll see an Ouendan perform while we're there!

I'm glad that you enjoyed our video; we'll be making more next year in our Japanese 3 class. Have a great summer, and I look forward to talking to you again, either in the summer or in the fall.

I like japanese cuisine! But it's a bit expensive (-A-)
One day I intend to see one of these Ouendan sports performances. Osu Tatakae Ouendan is a game based off the performances where the "Ouendan" Cheer on people with everyday problems. You should play it one day \(^A^)/
I'm very happy you enjoyed our video. Expect more next year !
The group might be a little different though.

Bai Bai

-Joshua Lee (kazuma)

Japanese food is one of my favorite types of food, especially sushi and sukiyaki. Although, it seems that sushi can get expensive quickly. Oh well, it's still good though.

I want to try going to japan next summer or spring, but I heard that the flight to there and back can be expensive. Maybe if I go there I will see one of you or an Ouendan! Anyways, thanks for watching and enjoying our video, especially since it took so long for us to make the script.


Dear Rachel,
Thank you for responding my comments. I'm glad to know that you also like "DORAEMON". I felt very happy to know that not only "DORAEMON" but also other Japanese animation is well known in your countries. I know both of your favorite animation. It's very exiting. Of course I like it, but the other favorite movie produced by Mr. Miyazaki is "Princess Mononoke". It's attracted me very much. Because,she has strong feelings and is active. Do you know it?

Have a good summer. I look forward to talking to you again next fall.

Princess Mononoke was an awesome movie! Very bloody, but I have no problem with that :D. The sparkly/shiny/magical things in movies keep me fascinated; I'm easily entertained.

Have a nice summer and see you next school year!