Two approaches to being a guest.
by John, Ari, and Jason

Comments and questions:

Dear John, Ari, and Jason.
You speak perfect Japanese!!
It's very interesting movie, I think.

Dear John, Ari, and Jason
I watched your slideshow. It was so interesting.
I think your Japanese is very good and you can use some polite phrases.

Hi John, Ari, and Jason,

Your video is great. Besides the high quality of the Japanese you use, the whole concept is interesting. How did you come up with it? Is it based on some real experience of a truly awful guest? I hope not!
I have a few other questions as well. How long did it it take for you to produce this? What kind of equipment did you use? What's the music at the end?

Congratulations on a job well done.

Sergio Mazzarelli


Dear Yuuko and Kyouko,

John, Ari, and/or Jason will make a note on this page before you get to your class on Wednesday - sorry for the delay! Thank you also for noticing their use of polite phrases. I think it is a nice element of learning Japanese for an American teenager to learn the polite customs of the Japanese people. Perhaps it helps them better understand the culture. What do you know about American, British, Canadian (or other) culture from studying English?

Take care,

Last year, I learned about American culture using the video. I learned how to greet (hugging, shaking hands, kissing ), how to pay tip, ( Tip is not on counter but on the table.) and so on. I learned "keep on your shoes in the house." But when I went to Britain for two weeks this March, I should take off my shoes in my house. I was confused a little. It seems that my hostmother's policy was different.

Dear Rushton
I'm looking forward recieving a note from them.
When I sneezed in class, my American teacher said "bless you". I think this is American, British, Canadian custom. Japanese people doesn't say it. However When I went to England, I heard it not so many times. Does American always say "bless you" when someone sneeze?


To Yuuko and Kyouko
Thank you, we practice Japanese everyday. Your English is very good as well. We enjoyed working on this project because it allowed to us to be creative.
We visited your former students last February and wanted to create a fun and entertaining video for them to watch.
John, Jason, Ari

To Sergio

The music at the end of the movie is a famous hip-hop song from the Bay Area. I took a few hours to film the movie, the script took the most time. We used a sony handi cam digital camera with a standard tripod and edited the film with windows vista's movie maker program. We remember your school. Do you remember us?

John, Ja

Dear John and Jason,

Thank you for your answer. Of course, I remember you. It was a great pleasure to welcome you here. If you come to Nagasaki again in the future, please let me know.

All the best,

Sergio Mazzarelli

Well thank you, I hope it's not too long until my next visit to Nagasaki. All of your students were very attentive and a joy to interact with. I hope you have an exciting summer In Japan.

We also practice English pleasantly. English is difficult,but I try it. It is freshness for me to learn different cultures between Japan and other countries. By the way, what are your impressions of Japan?

I actually went to Japan last February and was given a tour of your campus by Mr.Mazarelli. Going to Japan was an exciting and everyone was very welcoming. I hope that you can visit our class in California some day and practice your English. Gambate with your English studies and have a fun summer.

Nagasaki has many attractions. They came many cultures from other countries during Japan's period of isolation. Did you go to the Glubber Garden? It is a Western house which is made of tree and it is the oldest building in Japan. It is the popular spot in sightseeing of Nagasaki.

Did you eat any food? Foods have special characteristics. There are sponge cake (Castella) from Portugal, noodles stewed with meat and vegetables (Chanpon) from China and so on. I like them.

Please tell me about your country's attractions. For example, festivals, famous places, foods and so on.