A story about friends discovering talents with the guitar.
by Kyle, Michael, Jimmy, and Alex

Comments and questions:

Dear Kyle, Michael, Jimmy, and Alex
Hello!! Your video was so interesting! You really know Japanese greetings. For example, "Gomenkudasai" and "Ojamashimasu".
Your Japanese were very polite! We should follow your polite phrases... How much do you know about Japanese custom??
By the way, in the video you played the guitar, it was very cool!! We can't play the guitar at all... Can you really play it!?
From Maki and Nozomi

Dear Maki and Nozomi,
Thanks. We are all still leaning Japanese, and to tell the truth, we really don't know much other than polite phrases.
We don't really know all that much about Japanese customs yet, but plan to in the future. As a last note, I really cannot play guitar.
That was a Guitar Hero guitar and we edited the video and put the music in that way, although I want to learn to play the guitar sometime.
From Alex (The long, brown-haired guy)

Dear Maki and Nozomi,
Thank you for your comments. I can play the guitar a little, even though in the video I didn't.
I don't really know much about Japanese customs yet but I am learning about it. Can you tell us about the customs in Nagasaki?
From Kyle

Dear Maki and Nozomi,
Thank you for the your comments. I'm glad you liked our video. The reason why we know all these polite phrases is because we have a great teacher.
By the way we did not actually play the guitar. We used a fake guitar. Anyways thanks again for the comments.
-Jimmy (the first guitar playing guy)

Dear Alex, Kyle and Jimmy
Thank you for your comments. We think you can really play the guitar. We want to learn to play the guitar sometime too.
In Nagasaki, there are various cultures. Long time ago, Japan had closed country to foreigners. But only Nagasaki could exchange with foreign countries for example, China,Nether lands and so on. So we have Chinese cultures and Dutch cultures. There are beautiful western buildings and Chinese temples. Lots of people visit Nagasaki every day. If you visit Nagasaki, you can see many things.
How about your town? Are there famous places? Please tell us about it.
From Nozomi and Maki

Dear Nozomi and Maki
Thank you for your comments! Well, we have lots of diversity here in this high school. As for famous places, we have San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge. Wilcox is located in the Silicon Valley, known for its technology. Adobe, Intel, and other companies are centered close to here and we have many different cultures living here. San Francisco has Chinatown, San Jose has Japantown and Little Saigon (which is Vietnamese). What about the famous places in Nagasaki? Are there any and if so, what are they?
From Alex, Kyle, and Michael.

Dear Alex,Kyle,and Michael
Thank you for your comments!!There are many places in your towm. We have learned Silicon Valley before and we heard the Golden Gate Bridge. We don't know there is Japantown. We want to visit your town sometime.
In Nagasaki, we also have Chinatown. There is always full of people. Other famous places are Mt.Inasa, the Peace Park, Glover Garden, the Confucian Shrine, Kofukuji and Sofukuji temples, Megami Bridge, Spectacles Bridge, and Oura Church. These places are around our college. We recommend Mt.Inasa. A night view from there is wonderful!! When you visit Nagasaki, please go to these places.
Plese wait our video. We will make it soon!!We are looking forward to talking with you again. See you next time!
From Nozomi and Maki

It was fun talking to you two about our video. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Most of those famous places in Japan, I've never heard of. Next year, if I go on the Japan trip, I might have to visit some of those places.
Thanks again for the comments. Until next time.