A story of a princess needing her pineapple.
by Rory, Bryan, and Kayleigh

Comments and questions:
Dear. Rory, Bryan and Kayleigh
Your video was really nice.Pictures were lovely and the story was interesting so we laughed a lot. Your Japanese is good. How did you make BGM and sound effect?
Reika and Terumi

First off, thank you for the comments, I was the one who drew the story. The quality of the picture gradually decreases because of the lack of time to finish. I ended up scribbling the last two panels, haha. We wanted to make the story a lot more interesting than the other class mates, so we decided to build a storyline based on a vague topic, such as a pineapple. The sound effects mostly came from us goofing off, but the nice sounds came from the program "i-movie", that was set on the Mac. Do either of you draw? It's always nice to meet new artists, if you do draw, we can send each other pictures.
-Bryan (the Pineapple Servant)

Thank you so much for the comment and not thinking it was bad. I'm glad you laughed at it, because I was the one that came up with the basic story (because I really like pineapples). As Bryan mentioned, we wanted to have something random and pointless, which is exactly how it came out. I think Bryan answered most of the questions, but I'd like to point out that most of the screaming noises (actually all of them) were from me, and my throat hurt after we recorded it, but it was worth it, haha. I really liked coming up with this idea, so I'm glad you liked it. Do you like to write stories?
-Kayleigh (the Princess)

I am very glad you enjoyed our video. We had lots of fun making it. It was a fun collaboration of madness and trying to meet a project deadline(...). Kayleigh is the writer, Bryan's the artist, and I'm kind of... the one with the hair. We're very enthusiastic about video media and hope to collaborate on things in the future. Hopefully, students in Japan and other places can join and contribute their own stories. I would like to see what you might have in mind!
-Rory (the Doctor)

Dear Rory, Bryan, and Kayleigh
This video is really good!! I like this story, picture, music and mood music.(pooof, sound of crying elephant, gong and so on.....) My favorite scene is getting up the princess. I like this scene's line, Ohayoooo. It's really funny. I watched this scene again and again with my friend.
I want you to produce pineapple part 2!!

Dear. Rory, Bryan and Kayleigh
Hi, this story is so fan and intelligible! I laughed many times. I like mode music and punch line. Picture is also very particular. I like your story the best! I watched again and again. Thank you for pleasanting me!

Dear. Rory, Bryan and Kayleigh
Thank you for the answers to our questions. Bryan, I'm not good at drawing. Sometimes,I had time to draw pictures but my pictures were strange, so sorry about the sending each other pictures. Kayleigh, To write stories is really difficult and beat my brain but when I finished to write, I feel content. So, I like to write stories. How about you? Rory, I think it is good for you to collaborate on video media in the future. Because, your story was very wonderful and fascinate.

Dear. Bryan
Thank you for your reply. I am very happy to exchange with you. I think your group's story is most interesting so I am eager to see the next story. I don't know "i-movie" but I would like to use it when I make a video. Unfortunately, I am not good at drawing. How long have you been drawing?

Dear. Kayleigh
I am glad to see your video and exchange with you. The screaming noises were very good so I think you did good job!!! I like it. However, take care of your throat. I like to write stories but I am not good painter so I hope I can draw pictures well like you.... What was the most difficult part when you were making this video?

Dear. Rory
I really enjoed this video. Thank you!!! You did good job. I would like to make an interesting video like you and I hope you can see it soon. By the way, do you have any advise on making video?

Dear... Minna-san,
I am happy for all of your replies and the amount of interest generated by our video. I feel working on a "Part 2!" would be very fun. We have summer vacation coming soon, so it is a perfect chance to work on it and other things. When do you have vacation in Japan? My advice for making videos would be to prepare ahead of time for many things that could go wrong. Common examples would be cameras dying and lack of material to work with. Always try to capture a scene from every angle.
-Rory =]

Minna De!
We are preparing for the sequel to this epic quest. A PART 2! *yay yay yay* Since we will be relieved of he pressure of turning an assignment, th production values will be much greater. I'll also include more cells per second, so it will look much cleaner than it does now. We hope that all of you will continue to watch our series.
-Bryan! (OvO)

Dear. Rory, Bryan and Kayleigh
Our summer vacation is in Ougust and September, so I envy you. I'm really looking forward to watch a Part-2. Have a nice vacation!!

Thank you, Terumi! I believe working on the Part-2 will make our summer a lot more interesting. Interacting in this program makes us work harder to make a product to share overseas. You'll see our posts on this site in the days before vacation to keep you going. When we're going back to school and you have vacation, we'll love to hear from you to make us work hard.

Thank you for your advice for making video. I will make video in the fall. Our summer vacation doesn't come soon yet. Our summer vacation will start in August and end in September. I am looking forward to see your another video and exchange with you again.

I can't wait to see the videos you will make. It's interesting to see the kind of things other people can imagine. You'll probably surprise me with how you approached the video's subject. When you work on it, tell me how it's going. Also, please tell us what you think of our next video, when we post it of course.