What happens when you get turned down for the prom?
by Shahriyar, Caitlin, and Aleph

Comments and questions:
Dear Shahriyar, Caitlin, and Aleph
Hello! We watched your video. It was interesting!! We want to know the continuation of this story.
We thought it's difficult for you to ask to the prom. After he was refused by his friend, he drank a lot of something, didn't he? Was it an alcohol or juice? When you was refused in your real life, will you drink like him?? We don't have a chance to join the prom in Japan, so please tell us about prom.
Miho and Ayumi.O


Dear Miho and Ayumi,

Shahriyar, Caitlin, and/or Aleph will make a note on this page before you get to your class on Wednesday - sorry for the delay! About your question, when Shahriyar was so disappointed after rejection by Caitlin, he drank lots of cranberry juice - that's one of the jokes in the story. The prom is a big deal for American high school students, by the way. The girls get nice dresses and the boys wear tuxedos, and they eat somewhere fancy before going to the dance at some nice location. I'll let the students tell you more about it when they write!

Take care,

Dear Rushton
Thank you for your message!! I could understand a little bit more about the prom. I will wait for Shahriyar, Caitlin, and/or Aleph to tell me more prom. In the meantime, what does cranberry taste like? I have never drunk it yet. I want to drink it and join the prom!!


Dear Rushton
Hello! Thank you for your reply. I wasn't sure whether the drink is joke or not, but now I know, thanks! And when (which season) is the prom held? What will you do in the prom? I am looking forward to answering from them.

Best Wishes

Dear Miho and Ayumi,
Prom is coming up this Saturday! My teacher explained to you already that it's a dance where everyone wears fancy clothes and goes to a dance, but it's so much more exciting than that! Prom is held every year in the summer and it's for students in the Junior and Senior classes to celebrate the end of the year and the graduation of the Seniors (Prom is short for "Promotional Dance"). We're SO excited! Do you have any sort of end of the year celebration at the High Schools you went to?

Wow, you've never had cranberry juice?! It's really interesting; its a little sour and usually bitter so not too many people like it, but when we were filming our video at Caitlin's house that was all she had to drink so we decided to use it in our project.

Oh, by the way, I actually was disappointed about Caitlin rejecting my invitation to Prom. I asked her in real life too (this is Shahriyar speaking) but I didnt know she had a boyfriend who she already planned to go with... oh well! We're still going out to dinner before the dance so it's still going to be really fun.

Thanks for your questions, feel free to ask any more you might have.

Shahriyar, Caitlin, and Aleph

Dear Shahriyar, Caitlin, and Aleph

Hi! Thank you for your answers about prom and cranberry juice! We could understand about these so well !!
Prom sounds good! We don't have such celebration...but when the term end, we often held a class party, so we ate foods and go to Karaoke!! We wish we would have prom in Japan.
Do you have any other events in your school?

By the way, in Japan, few stores sell cranberry juices. So,if we will find it, we will try it!

We are looking forward to talking to you in fall. Good luck on your exams!!
We will make a good video!! We hope you will enjoy it!

Best wishes,

Miho and Ayumi

Dear Miho and Ayumi,

I think having a potluck (a party when everyone brings some food for everyone else) and doing karaoke is much cheaper than an actual prom. The students here really do love having a nice party when everyone gets dressed up, though.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts with my students! They were very busy the last few days, and because I'm leaving on a trip Sunday, they won't have a chance to reply. Gomen!

Have a good summer - we look forward to doing projects again with you this fall!

Take care,