A story of two socks, both hungry.
by Ellen and Han

Comments and questions:

Dear Ellen and Han
We think your Japanese is very natural and pronunciation is also good. It is very interesting for us that you use Japanese snack, Pocky,and soft drink, Qoo. Is it easy to get them in your country? The last scene that puppet A hits Qoo is unexpected ending.
Kanako and Haruka


Dear Kanako and Haruka,

Ellen and/or Han will make a note on this page before you get to your class on Wednesday - sorry for the delay! You might be surprised how popular Japanese culture is here, including the snacks and drinks. The number one reason students sign up for Japanese is that they are interested in anime, manga, and pop culture! Is the popular culture of other countries (Korea, for example) widely known among young Japanese people?



Dear Rushton,

In Japan, American animation, for example, Micky Mouse and Snoopy is widely known, and Sponge Bob is now very popular among teenagers. Nowadays, we can see many Korean TV dramas. Some Korean actors have been famous in Japan. They made great hits. Most of their fans are middle-aged women, but young people also enjoy Korean culture. Now, I am interested to know what Japanese anime is popular in the United States.



Dear Kanako and Haruka,
Thanks for watching our video and commenting. Han happens to be Korean. It's true that Japanese animation and various foodstuffs from Japan are popular in America and are sold in various stores around the country. Yes, a lot of students who take Japanese take it because they love Japanese culture. We want to ask about American culture in Japan. How often does one see American products, such as imported foods or TV programs, in Japan?
-Ellen and Han

Dear Ellen and Han
There are many American foods in Japan. Especially, Pringles, Potato chips, and Chupa-Chupes, candies, are very popular and we can buy them at every supermarket. Also, Coca-Cola, Starbucks Coffee, McDonald, and Kentucky fried chicken are seen every where. However, we do not think of them as American products, becouse they are made in Japan!
It was great talking to you. Have a good summer!
Looking forward to talking to you again in autumn.

We can see American TV programs everyday. Poeple who subscribe to cable TV can easily see them. Most of the programs I often see are dramas, such as Full House and Tru Calling. Also, Sesame Street and the Simpsons are famous TV programs here.
I am really looking forward to meeting you! I hope we will have a good time.

Dear Haruka

Thanks for responding back for my comment.
I used to watch Full House back in Korea too. It's such a good drama.
I watched many Japanese movies like memories of Matsuko, swing girls,
and battle royale (my favorite).
I think it would be a good idea to keep in touch online.
My email address is [removed].
I hope we meet each other in Japan when i go to Japan next year ^^
I would appreciate if you would share your e-mail address with me too.

From. Han (Ellen's taking the test ^^)